Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chicago 2013

We arrived in Chicago at 10 pm May 16, 2013. When we are in big cities, Andrew and I try and use public transportation as much as possible because: 1) it is cheaper; 2) it is very convenient; and 3) it is interesting to observe locals. Unfortunately, the 1 hour train ride from Chicago's O'Hare Airport to our hotel (Dana Hotel & Spa) was made extremely uncomfortable due to an old drunk who made racist remarks to people getting on the train and told stories that didn't make any sense. I guess observing certain locals isn't fun.

Andrew was starving by the time we checked into our hotel, so although it was midnight, after we checked in we walked across the street to Bijan's to get some supper. The food was amazing and the restaurant was surprisingly busy for midnight on a Thursday.

After a much needed sleep in we woke up and hit the town around 10:30 on May 17. Our first mission was food... again. We decided to head south and see the river and find a bite to eat by the "Loop". After passing a couple of places we decided to try Potbelly's (a sandwich restaurant) and we were glad we did. Andrew and I couldn't believe how delicious the sandwiches were; they were the best we had ever eaten.

With food in our stomachs we walked to Millennium Park and saw "Cloud Gate",

to the Jay Pritzker Pavillion,

to the Crown Fountain,

to the Art Institute of Chicago, Grant Park, Buckingham Memorial Fountain

and Soldier Field (where the Bears play, a football stadium). After a long day of walking we took the train around the Loop, saw some more outdoor art pieces and went home to our hotel for a rest before our evening excursion. After some relaxation, Andrew and I went to the famous Gino's Pizza for some Chicago deep dish.

On May 18 we went for a beautiful walk along Lakeshore Drive and the Gold Coast,

before heading to Lincoln Park and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

After we ate at Potbelly's for lunch, again, we went to the Navy Pier.

Then we went for a river and lake cruise and learned some interest facts about Chicago.

On May 19 we were contemplating a Cubs game but decided to go to a a couple trendy neighbourhoods (Bucktown and Wicker Park) instead.

It was a really beautiful day, so instead of talking the L to our next destination (Armitage Ave and Fullerton beach) we decided to walk. Unfortunately, this walk took us through an industrial part of town where there were what appeared to be abandoned warehouses and houses with signs in the windows saying "We will call the cops". We escaped this sketchy part of town and enjoyed the rest of the day watching beach volleyball games at Fullerton Beach.

May 20 we got up early and went to the Sears Tower.

We even went out on the sky deck.

After that, we finally spent time of the Magnificent Mile. It was a perfect day to spend shopping because it was so hot (felt like 40 degrees) so we were popping into stores to take advantage of their A/C.

On May 21 we decided to do some more shopping along Lincoln Park. After an early evening nap we went to Star Trek where we ordered a large popcorn and pop. The sizes were twice as big as the larges that you can purchase in Canada. It was ridiculous, and of course the popcorn and pop had free refills (which we took advantage of).

May 22 was our last day in Chicago. After we packed our bags, we had a few hours to burn so we went to the Shedd Aquarium.

We had a great time in Chicago; it is a beautiful city.

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